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Hello again


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My Story

A little bit more about myself and my background !

Im half american half dutch raised in Italy untill I was 6 and moved to Brussels before settling in The Hague with a year in America somewhere allong the way. 

The Hague has been my home for the last 12 years and is also where I seriously started training and eventually training others. I work at 2 private Personal training studios, One in the Hague Center and the other at the harbor of scheveningen and spend my working days cycling up and down between sessions. 

 I am fluent in both English and Dutch and besides working out in the gym I also enjoy bouldering and running. Im also a bit of a foodie allways happy to get tips for good restaurants and I enjoy baking unhealthy but tasty things. 


When my schedule allows it I enjoy traveling and like mixing up city trips and more outdoorsy hiking vacations. So far Ive done a few long distance hikes in schotland and some more leisurely day trip hikes in Poland, Tjechie and Switserland . On my medium to short term list of places I would like to visit are the Azores,  Norway and a tour of every culinary region in Italy

I think that living healthy isnt a binary thing and its important to find a balance that allows you to enjoy life while taking care of yourself and your body.

Life is meant to be lived and ideally enjoyed . Learning to train hard and being physically fit dont oppose the finer things in life as much as they create equalibrium and resilience to do so in a sustainable way.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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